Ethan Morse on Rewa Fowles

The cross-pollination series continues in 2018, with a number of creative and written responses to festival performances. Ethan Morse is currently studying theatre at Victoria University while also working on theatre projects independently. He is interested in finding a convergence and marrying the worlds of performance art and theatre together, creating pieces of art for a stage. In this piece, he responds to Rewa Fowles’ performance on Friday 7pm, 16th November. 


Stillness. Tranquillity. Stoic. Peaceful. The blank canvas. Birth. Contortion of the soul and the psyche. Anxiety. Growth. Childhood and Adulthood. Watercolour cultures and muddied identities. “You’re a brown girl in a white girl’s body.” How do we identify and place ourselves in space, time, and culture. The waterways, estuaries, rivers, streams of self-discovery and identification. The topography of self. A map of sorts. Where is the equator line of the self? The way-lines of one’s own identity. The eco-system of the place you were born and the place you grew up.  The cool waters of tri-culturalism is cleansing, washing away preconceived notion of what you are, and who you should be. Who or what dictates the self?  Is it a sole journey one must walk, is it a guided tramp through the untamed bush? Rewa, a discovery of self through movement and text. Like a wandering animal in the desert. Devoid. Barren. Wanting. Needing solace from the beating sun finding it only in the cooling wash of deep blue green salvation.  The cooling depths of tri-culturalism. Where is home? Where is my home? Where does the heart wander to on a lonely summer’s night? Home has and will be a fleeting feeling for anyone whose identity is undiscovered or unmapped. Ebbing and flowing to and from places, people and things. A complicated river system composed of many inlets and outlets of family and friends.

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