Saoirse and Chloe on Louie Neale: Two visual responses

The cross-pollination series continues in 2018, with a number of creative and written responses to festival performances.  In this post, Saoirse and Chloe respond to Louie Neale’s ‘Jellyfish do return’ through visual art. 

Saoirse Chapman paints, draws, prints and explores. She has too many jars of things. Presently she lives in Auckland planting seedlings and training to be a midwife.

Chloe Palmer is interested in blind contour drawing, expressive mark making and the relationships built between hand, eye and perception. Focusing her eye on the performances with little peeks at the paper, her hand followed alongside the show, tracing the experiences she had at the time as a viewer.

– Saoirse Chapman

Chloe Palmer Louie 5

Chloe Palmer Louie 1.jpg

– Chloe Palmer

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