Jazmine Phillips/Him on Zahra: When the soft yells

Jazmine Phillips

The cross-pollination series continues in 2018, with a number of creative and written responses to festival performances.  In response to Zahra Killeen-Chance’s closing performance of PAWA 2018, ‘Shadow of Ease,’ Jazmine gifts us a poetic and audio offering. Jazmine Phillips performed at PAWA’s one-night only Auckland event, ‘From the foothills of the Himalayas,’ held November 10th.  She also makes experimental, haunting and instrumental music with her band Him.

Animal , prance on toes . Worm. Snake. nothing. Moved between duality seamlessly I didn’t realise id moved until I was still. I want to scream like you scream. soft. The only place I knew was the mouth. Duality. Confusion. fluid. I wanted to see you as a snake. But no. something. Something new. The sounds vibrated my throat. I swallowed a number of times. I cry a resistance a movement. The changes were quick. They left me behind. So I ran to keep up.

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