3-3-3 Friday Night’s Peformance Showcase



DEATH.BIRTH.DEATH.DANCE took us to the death/birth portal. Here is where one allows themselves time to stagnate, to hibernate and fester before birthing the next evolution of their journey. A place of mourning the passing of an old self, an old paradigm, a previous life. A waltz of the healed and the unhealed. The alchemy of turning poison into medicine. A dance of life. To celebrate the nonlinear nature of healing and to allow the shadow to be witnessed, to be held, to be danced.

Fake Organ Show By Taekyung Seo

Fake Organ Show we are faced with the fact that human beings are destined to die without once touching their own organs themselves whilst alive. Although human organs belong to us, they are unknown beings whom we will never meet.

No/i/se(lf)  By Thomas Press and Virginia Frankovich

No/i/se(lf) is anti-rock with noise aliens teaching post-gender altruism & collective unconscious noise-making. No/i/se(lf) is an exploration in giving up the corporeal self to a non defined collective body.