PAWA is a platform for performance art in New Zealand, running events year round and hosting a biannual festival in November. PAWA brings together a wide variety of performance artists from around New Zealand and the world with the intent to stimulate critical discourse, broaden audiences, and strengthen artistic ties. It not only serves as a space to host work but also as a space of giving and sharing, a space to create dialogue in the vein of reciprocation and celebration. It aims to showcase work that is challenging, engaging, and at times, quite confronting.


Our hope is to see performance artists and participants leave this event with new ideas, a deeper understanding of performance art as an art form, and a more connected sense of community.

  • PAWA// is about fostering the development of the performance art community by having a platform for discussion and displaying works.
  • PAWA// is about gaining increased awareness and recognition of Performance Art practises in New Zealand.
  • PAWA// is about stimulating an interest for and expansion of audience participation in performance art.
  • PAWA// is about encouraging the exchange of ideas, information and skills for the advancement and dissemination of performance art
  • PAWA// is about inclusivity of culture and accessibility. It is open to dialogue from people with different limitations, different backgrounds, different experiences, and different understandings of space.

Contact us at performanceartweekaotearoa@gmail.com

PAWA has been created, developed and run by Sara Cowdell