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The Virtual Ritualist Collective is the artist ensemble made up of Alicia Donnellan and Louis Newton. These Auckland based artists explore the seams that often tenuously knit together the worlds of science, art and ritual. Merging mediums and disciplines, they approach storytelling with light-hearted intensity, looking to explore and expose the brilliant and desperate absurdity of the human condition.

Alicia Donnellan

Alicia Donnellan is a European Auckland based scientist, dancer and performance artist who delves into improv, instant composition and the intersection between the public and the intimate in art and the individual. She trained as classical dancer with the RAD and later as a freeform improv dancer with Samantha Sweetwater and countless others. She has presented her art and performance work in Spain, Ireland and New Zealand. The latter include joint exhibitions at the Yes Collective such as the Body Sovereignty Exhibition in 2016.

Louis Newton

Louis Newton is a musician and sound-scape producer inspired by quantum mechanics, particle physics, black holes and existential philosophy. A variety of his pieces have been performed for theatre and dance productions around Auckland.


Vanessa Crofskey is a Chinese/European artist whose practice spans the boundaries of installation, poetry and performance. She has performed in Auckland, Wellington and Kuala Lumpur. She was a Rising Voices National Finalist and the 2015 UoA Slam Champion.

Known for being both “introspective” and “on fire”, her performance salon debut at the Auckland Fringe Festival 2017 won Best Storytelling/Spoken Word alongside ATC’s Here and Now Award, with a performance developed at the ASB Waterfront Theatre.

She is one half of the artist duo Thursday Girls, who produce Fake American Accent at the Basement Theatre.

You can follow Vanessa on instagram here: @officialtrashqueen

Check out this awesome artist interview with Vanessa:

Vanessa Crofskey

Thomas Press and Virginia Frankovich are Auckland based artists.

Since 2006 Thomas has worked as a freelance artist creating kinetic sound installations, and composing music and sound designs for theatre and dance productions, including NZ Opera, Auckland Theatre Company, Silo Theatre, Red Leap, Capital E National Theatre for Children, Taki Rua National Maori Theatre. He has created sound designs for museums and visitor experiences including MTG Hawkes Bay Museum, Comvita visitor centre and Te Ana Rock Art Centre. Thomas has also taught sound design and mentored for Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School and Unitec School of Performing Arts. Thomas holds a Bachelor of Music (2009), Instrumental and Vocal Composition – Victoria University of Wellington and a Diploma in Entertainment Technology – Toi Whakaari: New Zealand Drama School (2005)

Virginia is a live artist and director who most recently created and performed in THE PLASTIC ORGASM (2017) – a multidisciplinary piece at Lot23 Gallery with Julia Croft. She is also known for her work as Director in Silo Theatre’s production of REVOLT. SHE SAID. REVOLT AGAIN (2017) and IF THERE’S NOT DANCING AT THE REVOLUTION I’M NOT COMING (2016) which is touring globally. She made headlines in 2016, creating an immersive production CAR (2016) that took place inside moving vehicles and studied at L’Ecole Philippe Gaulier in Paris; The University of Auckland and The John Bolton Theatre School.

You can check out some of Virginia’s work here:

Thomas Press & viriginia


Tekeepa Aria. Human. Artist. Maori & Cook Island. Tainui ‘Aotearoa’. Mangaia ‘Kuki Airani’. Male. Cancer. Loves food. Hates wasted food. @tekeepaaria ‘Instagram’. Vogue. Indigo child. Dancer. Creative Director. P.I.P.A alumni.

South Korean born. Painter. Installation and performance artist.

In Taejyung Seo’s work the re-emerging themes of violence and the sea are present. Living by the sea as a child, Seo saw both joy and risk. The time spent on vacation by the sea as a child suppressed the dreadful violence around. It is the tension between these two elements which are continually explored through Seo’s work.

“humans are destined to die without ever touching their own organs”

Check out her work here:

Here is a video of a former performance:


Auckland-based performance artist and film-maker, Robyn Jordaan, works with dance and film to offer up a visceral array of concept exploration, including body somatics and absurdist Theatre.

Jordaan is driven by contemporary literature; creating comedic-horror type unstructured narratives, contrasting starkly with our current regime – a technocratic society where human nature seamlessly follows a prescribed outline.

Most recent exhibitions include; The Present Continuous 2016 part of Being Space with Melissa Irving, Sriwhana Spong, Masons Screen, Wellington June -July 2017; The Present Continuous 2016, Sanderson Contemporary art gallery, Auckland; Bedlam 2016 with Daisy Wells, Offsite, Auckland; Tragic Delusion: I never really played 2015 with Thomas Richards, Cobi Taylor, Deanna Dowling, Blue Oyster, Dunedin.

Check out her work here:

Here is one of her previous films:


Louis is a graduate of the College of Fine Arts of the University of the Philippines and has had a long career as a Creative Director in the Philippine advertising industry before fate swept him to the shores of Aotearoa. Unable to continue his advertising career in his adopted home, he took it as an opportunity for reinvention. He is now on a voyage of rediscovering his passion for the arts as well as his love for his heritage and cultural identity. He is now a graduating student of the BFA (Honours) programme of the ELAM School of Fine Arts at the University of Auckland and sees his emerging contemporary art practice as a tool for advocating pride among people of colour and respectful cross-cultural engagement through expressions of his uniquely Filipino aesthetic.

Louie Bretana

Kyah Dove is a nomadic performance artist who sees her artist identity as inevitably “hybrid”, saturating her performance works in dance, noise installation, spoken word, video art and ritual. She views her art as a means of passage through which activism, healing and transformation take place within her life. She is seeking performance at its most pure; its ecstatic core, and her work aims to birth all material from the most raw, honest and self-exposing state possible. Since graduating from the New Zealand School of Dance in 2010 she has gone on to gain her masters/teachers certificate in Reiki healing therapy, has completed an apprenticeship in shamanic native NZ tree and plant medicine, and is a certified Shakti spirit dance facilitator. She is now on a journey of discovery and experimentation with the pathways in which art, healing and nature co exist and collide to craft powerful change.


Jess Holly Bates is a queer Pākehā artist, writer and theatre practitioner who communicates cultural criticism through performance. She believes the only way to acknowledge our difficult history is to lean into the real discomfort of being Pakeha. Her performance work Real Fake White Dirt, an investigation into our continuing colonial hangover was published as a book of poetry by Anahera Press and in 2016 her collaborative body project The Offensive Nipple Show became both a platform for public engagement and a theatre show, sparking conversation about authentic female multiplicity and the ways our bodies have been disconnected from themselves. She is the founder of the Body Sovereignty Art Collective and a member of The SaVAge K’lub. In 2017, her new works One Sacred Settler and White VA’se were shown as part of the Making Spaces exhibition at CoCA.

Jazmine Rose Phillips is Australian born performance Artist, she seeks to embrace the grit and beauty of the human experience. Her creations use pleasure , pain, sound , spoken word , film, ritual and the female body/experience to evoke her audience to embody their emotional selves. Jazmine writes and performs music under the name him and is a trained sound engineer. After completing a shamanic plant medicine apprenticeship Jazmine co-created show F(Y)UCK.SEXY? which was shared in New Zealand and Australia, a show with sex,ritual and herbal medicine with the intention to challenge concepts about female sexual identity and birth a new “collective memory” of the feminine.
Here is a video from Jazmine’s musical project HIM.

From Ho Chi Minh to Wellington these reptilian babes are here to rock your shit hot socks. Returning from a world of travels these gals have tans, pockets and hands full of bits and bobs to surprise you with.

Shout out to the mothers of Aotearoa <3

Brydee Rood b.1978 Takapuna New Zealand

Master of Fine Arts 2007 | Fulbright Scholar 2012

Fresh from presenting her selected project, Survival River Series, in the 6th Balance Unbalance Conference with Plymouth University and The Eden Project in Cornwall England. She is presently a recipient of the Stipendien Stiftung Künstlerdorf Schöppingen in Germany, where she is creating a light performance for Licht Kunst Nacht 2017.

Her interdisciplinary arts practice is influenced by patterns of environmental change, waste, climate & materiality in an ever-changing globalised world fuelling new collaborative work onsite at a local level.

2015 projects included conducting a new live performance collaboration in India at Healing Hills Art Residency & the Matheran Green Festival. Recently her art & installations were exhibited at Auckland Diwali Festival with Auckland Art Gallery, Artisterium#7 Tbilisi Georgia, SALE Parallel Programme – Manifesta#10 in St Petersburg and W139, The Netherlands. Residencies include the CEMETI Art House in Indonesia awarded by the Asia:NZ Foundation 2016, Headlands Centre for the Arts San Francisco USA & Van Gogh Huis, The Netherlands.

Check out this video footage of Brydee’s former works:

You can also go online to her blog here!


Residing currently in Melbourne, Australia, Vicky Kapo is a multifaceted artist, with indigenous heart.  Her tribal affiliations are with Te Atiawa, + Ngati Raukawa.  Armed with a B.A in Performance and Dance, and in true renegade spirit, she uses whatever methods happen to allow fulfilment of the creative vision. Her tools of choice are movement, text, installations, sound channelled improvisation. Striving to bring to performances experiences that are intimate and connecting, her works are often political, evocative, and mesmerising. She is curious about activating collective consciousness, translating dreamtime, and the construction of a well -formed sentence.

Recent artistic  2017 highlights include: Working with The house of daughters in January, (Leah Carrell, Tallulah- Holly Massey, Kilda Northcott, and Hilde Knottenbett) via Atamira dance company at Corban’s estate in Auckland, New Zealand, researching text driven performance structures for work in progress The weight of the other.

Collaborating in April with I Moving Lab partners Jack Gray, and Dakot-ta Alcamacho to produce a small Installation and support performance work, that engaged with their Two Flows – Tree to River at BARRING YANABUL/YIRRAMBOI activation in Melbourne.

Working alongside Australian Angela Clark, for a live performance installation, in September,- The Last Ovum for the Melbourne Fringe  Festival at Testing ground in Melbourne Australia.

Providing sound concepts for NZ Tru Paraha’s new up and coming debut work Rake, in Auckland in October.

2016 collaborations include Oakland artist, Morgan True, for the Wah Festival, in San Franciso, co- choreographer and dancer. Curating a site specific installation Stone Blind with NZ artist/ Las Vegas based JK Russ. A dance duet performed in Philadelphia, with U.S artist Nicola Bullock. Installation research in France, at PAF.

She has attended Residencies in Massachusetts, Boston U.S. California France, PonderRosa Germany and with Atamira dance company, New Zealand. She has been resident choreographer and teacher for, Wellington Performance Arts, The Platform Auckland, Waikato University and Nelson Academy. She has also choreographed and presented her own pieces for Melbourne’s Dancehouse, Melbourne’s’ Next Wave festival, Auckland’s Tempo, and Wellington’s Fringe.

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