Jess and Jazmine

Jess Holly-Bates & Jazmine Rose Phillips


Jess Holly Bates is a queer Pākehā artist, writer and theatre practitioner who communicates cultural criticism through performance. She believes the only way to acknowledge our difficult history is to lean into the real discomfort of being Pakeha. Her performance work Real Fake White Dirt, an investigation into our continuing colonial hangover was published as a book of poetry by Anahera Press and in 2016 her collaborative body project The Offensive Nipple Show became both a platform for public engagement and a theatre show, sparking conversation about authentic female multiplicity and the ways our bodies have been disconnected from themselves. She is the founder of the Body Sovereignty Art Collective and a member of The SaVAge K’lub. In 2017, her new works One Sacred Settler and White VA’se were shown as part of the Making Spaces exhibition at CoCA.


Jazmine Rose Phillips is Australian born performance Artist, she seeks to embrace the grit and beauty of the human experience. Her creations use pleasure , pain, sound , spoken word , film, ritual and the female body/experience to evoke her audience to embody their emotional selves. Jazmine writes and performs music under the name him and is a trained sound engineer. After completing a shamanic plant medicine apprenticeship Jazmine co-created show F(Y)UCK.SEXY? which was shared in New Zealand and Australia, a show with sex,ritual and herbal medicine with the intention to challenge concepts about female sexual identity and birth a new “collective memory” of the feminine.
Here is a video from Jazmine’s musical project HIM.