Opening Night 2018

Celebrating the beginning of PAWA 2018 with an evening of performances at play_station gallery. Featuring artists Helene Lefebvre, RV Sanchez, Virginia Kennard, Kosta Robert Bogoievski and Louie Neale.

Jellyfish Do Return

What is the connection between what you wear and who you are? Connecting your body with fabric gives you the chance to predetermine how people see you. But do you ever even get the chance to opt out of this judgement? Jellyfish Do Return cuts space for dressing beyond clothing—slicing your jeans into a wave, strapping a lemon to your boots and pulling your socks up to your armpits. You are invited to come and share this space; to reconfigure your ideas about the fabric you put on your body.

Hélène Lefebvre will search for a sense of belonging in New Zealand, as a Canadian, a woman, and a crone, experiencing the tyranny of aging. The action will probe the invisible, the fleeting here and now inhabited by the desire to penetrate the imaginary and the reflection of the altruistic. The performance Forever growing Up will be caught between desire and fear of navigating the world and other cultures. Attracted, distracted always. The elemental, nature, never completely letting go. The essential a holding, a certainty between life and death.

In her frustration at how she is expected to (not) take up space, Virginia Kennard has created a mishmash, hodgepodge, temporary live performance work that serves the Man Alone a vicious right hook. i appreciate you, immensely, but sometimes i want to whine and sometimes i just want to be left the fuck alone puts women alone in space with each other. Psychogeographically taking up space, being in space, relating to nonsense things in space, marking their place in space. Destroying space. Yelling at space.

A cast of several conduct live art gestures, rant at stationary walls, conduct object shuffling, dance in a contemporary dance kind of way, urinate even, all the time asking: Who the fuck is this Man Alone and how come i can never be alone? Apparently he may live within the presence of others but be emotionally aloof from them. The woman, instead, is seemingly emotionally responsible for everything and everyone around her. Constantly. I appreciate you. I really do. But

I am never alone because you are always looking at me. Immensely.

PARADISE is a performance that explores the effects of consumerism in contemporary society. The performance will loop a 15-minute video of RV Sanchez filmed in the Phillipines. While the video plays continuously, RV Sanchez will perform with objects such as rotten meat, leftover food and rubbish. Embodying the grotesque and greedy consumption of our modern world, RV Sanchez will engage with these objects in ways that will make the audience forever question their role in consumerism.

A toast.