5:00pm Sunday

Our final event for PAWA2018

Adam Ben-Dror

Subtle, Bodies, Wave, Signals, Symbols

Subtle, Bodies, Wave, Signals, Symbols is a group process which will work to activate a subtle collective experience.  

The work will begin at Play Station Gallery and will include a walk in the streets around the gallery.

We will enter a pre-linguistic state in which bodies receive information through extrasensory channels with an interest in the possibility of telepathy, transpersonal consciousness and identification with non human consciousness.

The end of Subtle, Bodies, Signals, Symbols will also mark the end point for Performance Art Week Aotearoa 2018

Zarha Killeen-Chance

Shadow of Ease

Shadow of Ease, is a solo performance choreographed and performed by Zahra Killeen-Chance, with music composed by Emi Pogoni. It is a surreal performance where the performer is simultaneously real and ghostly, embodied and disembodied. This dance work draws attention to an ambiguous play between dualities, what is seen and unseen, heard and unheard. Zahra’s work has been said to mesmerise audiences with its precision and clarity.