Rewa Fowles and Alexa Wilson

Rewa Fowles



Home? is a mixed media performance reflecting Rewa Fowles’s experience moving to New Zealand, the country of her birth, as an adult Third Culture Kid (TCK). TCK are people who grew up living in multiple cities far different from where their parents grew up or what is stated on their passports.

She grew up in International Schools, living in: Suva, Fiji; Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia; Bangkok, Thailand; Beijing, China; and Suzhou, China.

The piece surrounds the question of ‘home’, a complicated concept for many Third Culture Kids. During this performance, you will hear what many people have said to Rewa on a daily basis due to her background. You will see how it was said.

Shows Start 7:00pm Friday

Alexa Wilson

999: Alchemist Trauma Centre / Power Centre


999: Alchemist Trauma Centre / Power Centre is a “feminist meditation, poetic activist activation”, shaking the foundations of belief systems at the intersection of East and West, technological and organic in a way that has been described as “punk”. It offers humour and insight into the struggling, chaotic global conditions of our time from a subjective perspective, by provocatively questioning our shifting foundations in this neoliberal era and offering a way to be present amidst the confused but generative tension within intersectionality.

It was born in India on a residency I curated in the Himalayas and has been performed as a work in progress in Berlin and London and will also be performed in India. This work will have an accompanying creative text in a the form of a small publication as a process funded by Creative NZ.

Similar to the “trigger warnings” said before some performances in certain “socially progressive” scenes in the past few years, New Zealand-born Alexa Wilson begins her bold, funny, and insightful piece by asking the audience, “Do you want the angry version or the reflective version?”

**We don’t believe in cost being a barrier to entry, so if you want to come but can’t afford it for whatever reason, just email us at subject line ‘Friday Night Ticket’ and just tell us your name and we will have you added to the door list.

Bea Rodrigues photographer alexawilson_20