This is the third of a four part series of interviews with female performance artists about creative process, feminism and how the two intertwine.

Interviewee’s C.

Virginia Frankovich (Creator of the Plastic Orgasm)

Victoria Abbott and Kayleigh Haworth (Ladies of the Plastic Orgasm)

This interview is specifically about the performance piece ‘The Plastic Orgasm’ performed by a cast of 21 woman in the Auckland fringe festival 2018, created and devised by Virgina Frankovich and Julia Croft.



A workshop hosted by Performance Art Week Aotearoa in Auckland, over the weekend of 28th/29th April.

It was said;

 “A new sense of connection between my own body/self and artistic practice. A deeper connection to the other creatives in the workshop. A sense that all is right with the world if we listen and return to ourselves and the collective energy, that everything that needs to be said can be presented and spoken as it needs to be.”




Return to the void is the seventh in our Cross-pollination series, where writers respond creatively to performance. Jack Foster studies sociology and likes communism. Prior to PAWA Jack had never seen performance art before. Here he responses to “Opened and Examined” by Virtual Ritualist Collective.



A choice.

Grinding terror;

Pathological ecstasy.

But soon confused,

The superhighway stretches out.

A sheer cliff, a drugged haze.

All this

Will soon end.

Grinding terror;

Pathological ecstasy.